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the state authorized diving association

Since January 1st, 2008, the training as a diver has also been regulated by law in Austria on the basis of the specialist knowledge regulation. As the first diving association in Austria, the EOBV received state authorization to train divers due to its high-quality training.

What does this look like from a legal point of view: A state-authorized training facility is authorized by notification (= legal norm) to carry out training and also to issue corresponding CERTIFICATES on the basis of the curriculum it has submitted, which of course must comply with the legal framework. These certificates have legal character in the EU and all countries that have concluded treaties with the EU and are therefore to be recognized.

What does that look like in practice: A diver takes an exam for a diving instructor or research diver etc. at the EOBV. The association must notify the state beforehand of this test, stating the place and date. The latter now has the opportunity to check this test at any time and is also obliged to do this on a random basis. If the association does not stick to the specified training path, this state authorization will be withdrawn immediately.

The certificate issued afterwards certifies that the student has completed legal professional training. Similar to the master craftsman’s examination for an apprenticeship, for which the Economic Development Institute has state authorization. The Austrian state does not give this authorization lightly, so it took three years from the application to the positive decision, during which all branches of the association were checked.

The First Austrian Professional Diving Instructor Association (EOBV) is an association of qualified, responsible, commercial diving instructors who make it their task to develop world-wide, recognized, state-of-the-art training guidelines for diving in order to pass them on to diving students, divers and diving instructors.

Trained EOBV divers are therefore welcome all over the world and a guarantee for safe and nature-conscious diving. Specially trained diving instructors accompany you through the courses and provide you with well-founded knowledge and security in theory and practice on EOBV’s own bases or on international diving trips.

  • Staatlich ermächtigter Tauchverband
  • Cedip - european commitee of professional
    diving instructors
  • erster österr. Berufstauchlehrer Verband
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