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Diver 2**

(supervised diver according to ISO 24801-2)


Training for diver 2** aims at the ability to

  • dive autonomously, safely and in a controlled way with a partner of the same qualification (2**) in a maximum depth of 20m.
  • As a prerequisite the diver must have successfully completed the training for diver 1* or an equivalent training.
  • In addition to the training objectives of a diver 1* - with an extension of the depth range to 20m – a diver 2** must be able to master the basics of planning a dive
  • to manage open water ascents sharing air and to guide dives back to the departure point with or without the use of a compass.
  • A major element of this training is the partner/ buddy check.
  • Rescue of an unconscious diver is carried out from a depth of 10m.

The special topics orientation, night diving and diving with limited visibility, high altitude diving and oxygen application must be dealt with. Besides, there must be 26 more dives completed.


In addition a diver 2** must have the fitness to

  • snorkel 1000m on the surface in full diving equipment
  • to dive a distance of 40m
  • to dive down to and put on diving gear in a depth of 8m and to hold his breath underwater for 45 seconds.

A diver 2** must be able to

  • assemble his own and his dive partner’s equipment correctly
  • to check its functions and to realize any possible defects and fix them
  • (with the exception of technical defects which may only be repaired by qualified staff).

He must be familiar with the most important basics of equipment maintenance.


He must have a theoretical knowledge of the relevant physical and medical basics and their effects on the body during a dive and behave accordingly. Besides, he must be able to plan and calculate no decompression, decompression and repetitive dives.

Regarding the technical aspects he must be able to explain the function of the individual equipment components (jacket, regulator, depth gauge, computer etc.) A diver 2** is qualified to dive autonomously worldwide with a diver 2** or with a higher qualification.

He is qualified to rent equipment worldwide. He must be aware that with the exception of dives with a scuba diving instructor 2** or with a higher qualification he is qualified to dive to a depth of 20m and has to respect this limit.

Diver 3***


  • State-authorized Diving Association
  • Cedip - european commitee of professional diving instructors
  • first Austrian Diving Instructor Association
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