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the state-certified diving association

Due to the Expert Knowledge Act, diving training has been regulated in Austria since January 1st 2008. Thanks to their high-quality training, the EOBV was Austria’s first diving association to receive state permission to train divers.


What’s the legal situation behind all this: a state-certified training facility is permitted to carry out training and to award CERTIFICATES because of their submitted teaching plan, which must comply with legal regulations. These certificates are of a LEGAL NATURE in the EU and in all countries with contracts with the EU, and should be recognized as such.


How does this look in practice: a diver takes an exam to be a diving teacher or research diver etc at the EOBV. The association must register this exam with the government in advance, including date and location. They are now able to check this exam at any time, and are obliged to make random spot checks. If the association is found to not be upholding the set training approach, their state accreditation would be immediately revoked.

The awarded certificate is now evidence of the student’s legal vocational training. Similar to the master’s certificate for a vocational profession, where the business institute also requires state accreditation. The Austrian state does not award this accreditation lightly, and a positive decision can take up to three years, during which time all branches of the association are reviewed.

The First Austrian Association of Professional Diving Instructors (EOBV) is a coalition of qualified, responsible commercial diving instructors that make it their mission to develop globally unified and recognized training guidelines for diving to modern standards in order to pass these on to diving students, divers and diving instructors.

Trained EOBV divers are, therefore, welcome all around the world as a guarantee for safe and nature-conscious diving. Specially trained diving instructors will guide you through the courses and pass on comprehensive knowledge and safety in theory and practice at EOBV’s own bases or on international diving trips.

  • State-authorized Diving Association
  • Cedip - european commitee of professional diving instructors
  • first Austrian Diving Instructor Association
About the EOBV
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